Letters to my sons.

Trying to explain the world to two very small children.

Who’s to blame?

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Dear Son,

according to Omar Bakri Mohammed the British people are responsible for the tube bombings on 7th July 2005. He argues that because the British public re-elected Tony Blair after the Iraq war, then they deserve what they get.

This argument has many holes in it. Firstly a majority of the population didn’t vote for The Labour Party. Secondly the greater British public didn’t assemble the explosives and detonators and then take them onto public transport and trigger the devices. It was the suicide and thier supporters that slaughtered innocent people for no logical resaon.

Omar Bakri Mohammed, by his own admission would be happy then, for his wife and children to be killed in a bombing? It would be hypocritical of him not to be happy with this thought.

Of course Omar Bakri Mohammed is not the first and nor will he be the last person to balme the inhabitants of a country for the actions of their leaders. In early August some of us will remember the biggest acts of terrorism every carried out – the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The USA had cracked the Japanese military codes long before the end of the war and knew that Japan was ready to surrender. The act of terrorism that killed over 200,000 people, each one an individual, will be justified. The usual lies will be trotted out: it shortened the war, it save many US lives as the Japanese would have fought to the last man etc etc.

During the second world war “the allies” bombed German civillians. We are told these were in revenge for the Nazis bombing the UK and that we shouldn’t worry too much because it was the German people who put Hitler into power and they deserved to be punished.

In free and fair elections Hitler never recieved a majority of the vote. He only came to power because he formed an alliance and because right wing elements thought they could control him once he became Chancellor.

Of course son you won’t be reading much of the above in the mainstream press. They can spell a lot better than me for a start and they are only interested in exposing one single lying extremist – not the many who make up governments and inform public thinking all over the world.

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July 20th, 2005 at 10:04 pm

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