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Teachers on strike.

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Dear Son,

the teachers are going on strike tomorrow. When I first read about this strike the press were saying that it was the first teachers strike in 21 years. When I first read this I couldn’t believe the 21 years bit because the teachers went on strike when I was at school and that wan’t 21 years ago.

Then I worked out how many years it was since I was at school and it really was 21 years ago as there were strikes from around 83/84 until 1987. I remember having a day off school in 1984, the night before it was The Young Ones – essential TV viewing for a 13 year old. I went into town and met up with a couple of friends and saw our French teach, Mr Leach who was on strike, wandering around one of the deserted school sites. He looked utterly and completely bored and devoid of direction. When we saw him we made a hurried retreat in the opposite direction. He might have been on strike but it seems the pull of the school – even when closed and locked – was too great.

The Miners Strike was in full flow at the same time and while beating a retreat I found a piece of coal in the road. I put it into an empty crisp packet and took it home as we were very short at home.

A strange time to grow up in. The battles that were lost in the 1980’s have given us the right wing “Labour” government we have now. And if we didn’t have The Young Ones we would still have racist humorists on the television.

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April 23rd, 2008 at 9:13 pm

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Ask the questions while you can.

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Dear Son,

I was looking at Emma’s photo’s on FaceBook that were taken on her 23rd brithday and I saw a picture of her Grandmother, my Aunty. She looked like she was enjoying herself and I added a comment asking if she drunk a lot of wine. Emma responded that she hadn’t drunk a lot because she claimed she was driving. Emma added that her grandfather always drives. I, for one, have never seen my Aunty drive but I’m sure she must have at some point in her life. I knew someone who I could ask if my Aunty had ever driven – my mother. I made a mental note to call home and ask and then it hit me, my mother is dead and has been for over 2 years.

I suppose that having had 35 years of being there for me it is going to take a bit longer than 2 years before it finally sinks into my sub conscience that she has gone.

So sunshine, make sure you ask me the things you want to know before I go which, all things being even, should be many years before you.

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April 23rd, 2008 at 6:28 pm

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