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On the train, on the ‘plane.

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Dear sons,

We tried to sell the house before Ken was born but we had no offers despite reducing the price from £330k to £290k. It was too close to Ken’s due date to think about moving so the house came off the Market and we are staying put for the near three years.

We are going to get a downstairs toilet put in, a new bathroom up stairs and get the kitchen done so we can enjoy the next few years.

With house prices falling like a stone it will be interesting to see where there are in 3 years time.

We will be getting the loft insulation redone now that the government said it would pay half. As soon as the scheme is announced we’ll be getting it done as I was about to do it anyway. I need to block off the letter box hole I’m the inner front door to stop the draught that blows through in the winter – a job for this weekend I think.

Ken is now sleeping for 3 hours at a time and William is getting used to his brother. It will soon be time for William to move to the back bedroom and sleep on the bed Grandpa John made for Uncle Phil about 25 years ago.

Today it was announced that XL Airways had gone bust. We flew with them to Barbados early this year for Lawson and Alison’s wedding, Alison being Bajan she decided to get married in her local church. The flight was terrible because the plane was falling to bits and filthy and the seats were very small and uncomfortable and also very shiny meaning that you slipped forward all the time or were pushed against the seat belt. Flying back over night was worse as it wasn’t possible to sleep. 67,000 people have been left stranded by the collapse. That is a lot of people stranded, most of whom are going to be out of pocket big time as they will need to pay for their flights home – single flights being almost the same price as return flights.

Our next trip to Trinidad will be with either BA or Virgin into Tobago. Grandma Claire is looking forward to seeing you both but especially Ken as it will be her first time.

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September 11th, 2008 at 4:24 pm

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