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Some people never forget.

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Dear Son,

Tommy Sheridan has been in the news recently and if he hadn’t opened his stupid mouth I wouldn’t be writing about this hypocritical Trotskyite streak of urine. But he did, so I am.

Where to start? Well let’s start with recent events. The News of the World, allegedly a newspaper, printed many “stories” claiming that Sheridan had taken part in orgies and extra-marital affairs. A member of the Scottish parliament and former leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, Sheridan sued and the jury decided that these “stories” were just that: made up tosh. Sheridan got a 200k pay out and his name cleared.

Sheridan co-founded the Scottish Socialist Party a few years ago. He stepped down as leader to fight his case against the News of the World. He was miffed that three members of the Scottish Socialist Party, including the new leader, gave evidence against him in the court case.

The BBC reports today that Sheridan has branded the people who gave evidence against him as “scabs”. He likened the three to men who broke the miners strike of 1984-85. It would seem that crossing Tommy Sheridan is the same as crossing the whole of the working class, in his own mind anyway.
He is quick to evoke the Miners strike of 1984-85, the main feature of which was the Police attacking striking miners and the miners defending themselves. The act of self-defence was then portrayed by the media as “violent miners” not worthy of support.

During the late 1980’s the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher decided on a new way of funding local government – the Community Charge. It would take hours for me to write up the different reasons why this Poll tax was unfair and I was not the only person to refuse to pay. Up and down the country groups sprang up opposing the tax. Being good opportunistic and parasitic Trotskyites, Militant (recently kicked out of the Labour Party) jumped in and claimed “leadership” of the anti-Poll tax movement. After appointing themselves leaders of the anti-Poll tax movement they then appointed Tommy Sheridan as the head.

On the 31st March 1990 mass protests were organised in London and Glasgow against the unpopular and unfair Poll Tax. At the London demonstration the Police blocked demonstrators from leaving one street and then forced those behind into a tight corner. When demonstrators complained, they were attacked by the police and some of them decided to defend themselves – just like the miners in 1984/85. A full-scale riot ensued.

You would image that Tommy Sheridan would be on the side of people defending themselves against a violent attack by the state. But you would be wrong. He condemned the people defending themselves and stated his organisation would investigate to find the culprits – other “leaders” stated that they would name names. They quickly bought into the principle that it was the work of a few mindless violent extremists and said as much to the press.

Sheridan and his crew were worried that the riot would generate bad press for him and his paper selling party – he and his ilk have no care for the issues or the people affected, they just want to sell papers and join the political gravy train. So it is no surprise that he sold out all and sundry to try and keep his position and influence.

In the matter of his Party comrades testifying against him, Sheridan is quoted as saying:

I’ll never forgive, no chance.

I haven’t forgotten Tommy that you are a “grass”. I will not forgive either.

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August 8th, 2006 at 2:20 pm

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