Letters to my sons.

Trying to explain the world to two very small children.

CD tower is falling down.

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Dear Son,

yesterday you helped to make CD’s old technology in the Caudle household.

I bought my first CD player in 1988. It was once of the very first integrated CD’s with a cassette and radio and cost £125. In todays money, thats around £225 – but you can buy them for £40 today- the technology was new and expensive in those days. The first CD I bought was Beethoven’s 9th, I thought I was buying the 6th but misread the cover. I think the CD was £12, that would be £20 today.

I managed to blow up the CD player when I wired directly onto the battery of Camper Van. I had managed to get it working that way before but this time it took out the CD functionality. There is a lesson in there somewhere.

Since you learnt to stand up you have been using different items around the house to help you to your feet. Before you had master the art of standing on two feet you would crawl upto the CD racks in the front room and spend hours pulling CD’s out one at a time and piling them on the floor. Lately you have been pulling out a CD, inspecting the front of it and then dropping it on the floor before going for the next one.

You have been using the CD tower to help you to your feet and last night you tried to lean on it, which sent it toppleing over. Luckily I was able to grab it before it fell over but the solid metal money box on top – in the shape of a football – fell off and destroyed a plant pot.

So to stop anymore of these little mishaps all of our CD’s are in the process of being ripped to iTunes. We are then going to purchase an AirTunes device that allows us to send music to the stereo via a computer. That way we can box up all of our CD’s and remove the two CD towers from either side of the fireplace. We can also get rid of the seperate CD player and the radio. I’m not sure if we can get rid of the cassette deck, I have used it once in the last 5 years so …

I’m trying to buy an AirTunes from eBay but I’m not going to pay more than £65.74. I want a 25% discount for buying second hand and I refuse to pay a penny more. So it might be a while before we get one.

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March 23rd, 2006 at 1:37 pm

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