Letters to my sons.

Trying to explain the world to two very small children.

Political correctness

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Dear Son,

I have never been a fan of political correctness. Dreamt up by a bunch of white middle class liberals it has caused more harm than good.

They tell us that all whites are racists. When it is pointed out that they are white and therefore racist they make up all sorts of excuses why they are not white! I was told by one white man that he wasn’t white – no! He was in fact a Catholic living in Northern Ireland and an oppressed minority, therefore he couldn’t be a racist.

I asked him to think of the following scenario:

In a certain area black men walking alone are being attacked by a group of white men. One night a black man misses his bus home and can’t get a cab so he walks home. On the way home he spots a group of white men coming towards him. Of course he doesn’t feel afraid because he can spot from around 500 meters that the men are in fact Catholics who live in Northern Ireland and are on holiday. Therefore they can not be racist so he has nothing to fear.

Rubbish of course.

I was once told by a white women that all whites were racist but she wasn’t because she was in fact Romany. She wasn’t Romany at all but chose to live a lifestyle similar to Romany people. Social Services classed her and her family as Romany but this was a lifestyle choice of her own. But because Social Services classed her as Romany – she was Romany, part of an oppressed minority and therefore could not be racist.

Well son sometimes I use your mothers Lady Velvet shampoo which is especially formulated for black woman’s hair. I make a lifestyle choice to use a black woman’s shampoo so applying the logic above – I am a black woman. Not only that, I am attracted to women, which make me a lesbian and with the problem with my calves, I’m disabled. So as a black disabled lesbian woman I can not be sexist, racist or homophobic.

Which is rubbish of course.

It can be argued that both ethnic Indians and Pakistanis in the UK are oppressed minorities. There are sections of each group that hate the other and regularly fight each other. These are racist attacks because the people attacked are attacked for no other reason than their ethnicity. But according to political correctness this doesn’t happen.

If we believe the PC rubbish then as a white man I hate the black woman I am married to. The love I have for your mother is infinitely wide and twice as high and four times as deep. On this basis alone I know they are liars.

But these white middle class liberals don’t have many non-white friends and usually feel uncomfortable in the presence of non-whites. Instead of seeing a therapist and confronting their own demons, they demonise every white person but include an exception for them selves and their ilk.

Demonising people based on the colour of their skin is racism.

The Politically Correct movement is inherently racist.

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September 26th, 2005 at 9:01 pm

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