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Trevor Phillips

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Dear Son,

Trevor Phillips, the head of The Commission for Racial Equality has been talking again and this time he has been talking about Britain walking into an ethnically segregated future. He suggested that schools should be used stop this happening, not by forcing schools to take people from out of their areas but moving catchment areas or even moving schools.

I was a bit confused when I first heard of what Trevor Phillips was going to say. This is the same man who thought it would be a good idea for black male pupils to be taught separately.

So does he still think that separating pupils based on their enthnic background is a good idea. And where would you go to school? Two and a half days at the white school and two and a half days at the black school? Make no mistake, once separate classes for black boys were started there would be an outcry that from ethnic group X that their children were behind ethnic group Y and that they should have separate schools as well.

From the BBC web site:
GCSE results in England show that “black African” girls are scoring higher grades than “white British” boys.

If we are to have black boys educated separately then surely white boys should more help than black girls? Black girls should get the less able teachers to even things out? Where do we start and where do we end?

We already have segregated education in the UK. We have schools that are reserved for Jewish children only. Anyone can convert to Judaism and then send their children to a Jewish only school but how many do? Not that many to make a statistical difference. Anyone can become a Muslim or a Sikh but the same number who convert to Judaism convert to these religions – they are linked to a pupils ethnic origin.

This country doesn’t have open borders so we can guess with a high degree of accuracy someone’s parents or grandparents country of origin by their stated religion. Muslims will be from Pakistan or Bangladesh, Hindus will be from India, Sikh’s will also be from India. We do have a problem with West Indian religions but I’m guessing that they will be Catholic.

So when we hear talk of “faith schools” we are actually talking about ethnic segregation as these “faith schools” have to be situated somewhere as pupils can’t commute for a couple of hours everyday just for school. So if we have a Muslim school in a Bangladeshi area then the pupils will be of Bangladeshi extraction. Children of other ethnic backgrounds who live amongst them will not be welcome at that school.

The sooner “faith schools” are closed down the better, this will do more to aid integration than any other scheme devised. It is also worth noting that the biggest attribute that affects a child’s ability at school is the income of their parents. The richer the parents the better the child will do. So if anyone is serious about increasing standards at school they should eradicate poverty. Simply introduce a top rate of income tax of 150% for people who earn more than 200k a year and spend the money on education and housing.

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September 23rd, 2005 at 4:40 pm

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