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Time exposes the big lie.

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On the 25th February 2003 the current Prime Minister made a speech in the House of Commons when he said the following:

The second point is that there is a reason why I responded to a moral case, namely, that a moral case was being put against action. It was being said that, of course, innocent people will die in conflict, and that is true. Innocent people do die, which is why we have striven so hard over 12 years to avoid going back into conflict with Saddam. However, it is also right, in responding to that moral case, to point out the utter misery and deprivation of the people in Iraq, and to state what is a fact: that those who have most to gain from the end of the regime of Saddam Hussein are the Iraqi people themselves.

A UN report today says that torture is worse now in Iraq than it was under Saddam Hussein. Tony Blair will be gone soon but the consequences of his lies will be with us for a many years to come.

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September 21st, 2006 at 7:37 pm

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