Letters to my sons.

Trying to explain the world to two very small children.

The vomit comet.

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Dear Son,

yesterday was a little fraught for me and your mother. You were taken ill at nursery and when your mother came to pick you up she knew something was wrong with you because you were not your usual happy chatty self. You had been sick and your umbilical hernia was hard and could not be pushed back in.

Your mother took you to Accident and Emergency. They gave you some paracetamol to easy the pain and reduce your fever. When I arrived at A & E, I must say that I was worried. You really were not your self, you looked out of sorts. And then you were sick.

Not a just a mouth full but a while stomach full and you had had cheese. Your mother took the full brunt of the puke as it went all over her legs and also down your front and it smelt horrible. I nearly panicked when the stuff came out of your nose but in your state you didn’t seem too bothered and after wards your perked up a little. We were cleaning up your lunch and tea when a surgeon came in and poked around your tummy and told us that your hernia was blocking your digestive system and that you would need an operation to cure it. You were going to be transferred to the Royal London and they were going to do an emergency operation.

After your big puke you had a smaller puke and then a dry puke and after that you fell asleep. A second surgeon came in and had a poke around your tummy and found that your hernia could be pushed back in – whatever was blocking it before (your lunch and dinner we think) was now clear. I came home to get a change of clothes for you and your mother and when I got back you were back to your normal self. Actually you seemed to making up for the time your were ill and were a little more hyper than usual. You were discharged a little while after that – no operation needed that night but you will need one eventually to correct your hernia.

So we keep trying to push your hernia back in and so far so good, it goes back in. If it doesn’t you go back to A & E and the possibility of an emergency operation.

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May 27th, 2006 at 8:53 pm

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